Communication, Collaboration and Participation Digital Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Digital Identity and Well-being Digital Learning and Development Information, Data and Media Literacies IT Proficiency and Productivity

Initial activity with staff

Before launching the programme we ran an activity with as many staff teams as we could to explore where they felt specific digital skills lay in relation to the 6 capability areas and how important they felt they were.

We put together a series of cards containing typical digitally realated tasks or activities, such as making a video, using the TEAL screens or collaborating more efficiently and asked staff to place these skills as either; essential, interesting or not essential.

This activity helped us to think about key digital skills and capabilities that staff wanted and helped us to align them with our programme. Here are their results:

Glenside Library Team

Bower Ashton Library Team


Frenchay Enquiries Team


Library Team at Alexandra Warehouse

ACE Frenchay Team

Research Team

If we didn’t get round to speaking to your team, do get in touch, we’d like to speak to as many people in SSS as possible so we can hear a range of thoughts and ideas that could influence the direction of the programme.