Digital Identity and Well-being

New session added: Taking control of your privacy: Practical Tips

We’ve added new workshop sessions focusing on privacy. You’ll examine what information is important to you to keep private, what information you don’t mind sharing in exchange for convenience, and what information you actively choose to share with others. You’ll look at cookies and how they work, and you’ll be given some tips on limiting tracking. You’ll also explore the internet of things and consider the benefits and constraints of this type of technology in personal/home life. You will also have the opportunity to critically examine some social media data discovering exactly what it says about a person’s real-life characteristics and behaviour. We will also tell you how you can take better control of this and manage your privacy settings in social media.

This session is part of the Digital Identity and Well-being area of Blackboard.

This session is running on multiple dates across all campuses. Click the link below to view dates and book onto a session.